3 Reasons Your Fridge Deserves Better Than A Landfill Site

3 Reasons Your Fridge Deserves Better Than A Landfill Site


Having to discard a refrigerator sometimes is a necessary recurrence every homeowner faces.It’s not so Cool a thing to do but with a fair bit of experience with these things you know it’s almost always better to just get a new one once the machine have chalked some years of service.

Not only for that but also because this DIY sounds better and more convincing if one has an old refrigerator to spare ;)! At least it’s a good argument from the point of energy efficiency as you might be losing more than you think you’re saving. (see how to determine if it’s time for that refrigerator to go!)

old fridge (photo: curbly.com)
old fridge (photo: curbly.com)

Now that you’re convinced enough let’s move on and see what we can make our refrigerator into when we’re not sure they’re still serving you well. (We have put these together as our top three amongst many…)

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