5 Most Amazing Convertible Chair Ideas

5 Most Amazing Convertible Chair Ideas

5.¬†Extendable ‘Roll¬†Top’ Bench by Stefan Weiser

extendable 'roll top' bench
extendable ‘roll top’ bench (source: doornob.com)

Wooden roll-top desks are clever classics that depend on segmented wood slats to close and open without sacrificing classy curves. Though it owes a lot to this now-traditional (if not downright antique) desk design idea, this extendable bench-or-table piece (suited to suit on and with space to set things in between you and another person) is definitely contemporary in every other way.

extendable 'flexible' bench
extendable ‘flexible’ bench

Read more: http://dornob.com/extending-bench-table-inspired-by-antique-roll-top-desks/#ixzz41eSOJVas


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