Amazing See The Homemade Cement That Lasted For Centuries!

Amazing See The Homemade Cement That Lasted For Centuries!


Shelter is a key consideration for the survivalists and those serious about homesteading and self-sustenance. For this reason, we know a ton of ways to hash up makeshift and/or emergency shelter with regular items the most popular of them being wood.

Another familiar alternative is the tent but we seem to have forgotten our roots and have neglected the ways of those before us who were able to build for long periods with no college degrees and nothing more glorious or sophisticated than things they were abundantly surrounded with.

homemade survival cement
homemade survival cement (


One advantage of this age old ‘formula’ aside from it being less inflammable is that it is boasts of a very low carbon
footprint and requires little to no processing.

So in a quest to balance things and resuscitate a good old practice let’s see how else we can have durable shelter for cheap by making our own cement with two of the most common gifts of nature.

See How To Make Natural Cement Which Has Shelter Lasting For Centuries In Utah…


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