Awesome! He Attaches A Couple Of Devices To This Tap And What’s The Outcome…Genius!

Awesome! He Attaches A Couple Of Devices To This Tap And What’s The Outcome…Genius!


The faucet has not been left out in the technological revolution that seems to always come to the need of a generation who seize every opportunity to do the least amount of work required to achieve a result. Some call it lazy and others classify it under the engineering terminology of ‘efficiency’. Well, I’m more inclined to the latter and it seems I’m not the only one with such thoughts.

Taifur, a DIY hobbyist, also believes same and made a very simple and fairly easy to follow version of the DIY touchless faucet. This touchless mechanism makes use of an infrared sensor (actually both transmitter and receiver) that opens the faucet valve upon detection of hands. To achieve this we need a number of items that are not on our kind of regular DIY material list but all the same, should not be difficult to find once you look at the right place.

Here’s a video by Taifur who say he likes to learn, make and share:


Recently, I made an automatic water tap which does not require any external power. It can power itself from a micro generator. I used a rechargeable Li-ion battery to store energy when water flows out from the tap. It can be manually controlled from a button. The treasure behind it is very simple. I used an IR receiver & transmitter pair to sense the presence of hand below the tap. IR transmitter transmit infrared light and when something obstruct the light it reflect back to the receiver. The resistance of the receiver decrease with increased infrared light. The output of IR receiver is taken by a microcontroller and compared it to a preset value. If it receive more light compare to preset vale of threshold then it sent a signal to a servo motor and servomotor rotate the knob of the water tap.

Features of the project:

1. Self-Powered

2. Automatic & Manual Control

3. Simple design

4. Low cost


Here’re the main materials needed for the project:

diy touchless tap - materials needed
diy touchless tap – materials needed

Don’t fret at all if you’re not familiar with some of the items. Here’s the list in text format and Taifur was generous enough to provide links to where you can purchase them: 

1. 3.6V Micro Hydro Generator (you can use SeedStudio 3.6V Micro Hydro Generator Pro with Built-in Lithium Battery & built-in Lipo Charging Circuit).

2. Screw thread (G 1/2″, female) (you can get it from local hardware store)

3. Thread seal tape (you can get it from local hardware store)

4. Arduino Uno (Sparkfun)

5. IR Transmitter (Sparkfun)

6. IR Receiver

7. 56k Resistor

8. 220 ohm resistor

9. PCB board

10. Micro servo motor (Sparkfun)

11. Polymer Lithium Ion Battery (Sparkfun)

12. 1.25″ diameter plastic pipe

13. Some wires

Tools: Hot glue gun, Soldering Iron (Sparkfun), Solder (Sparkfun), Wire cutter (Sparkfun)


diy touchless faucet
diy touchless faucet (instructables)


A finished work in use:

diy touchless tap
in service – diy touchless tap (instructables)


The really beautiful thing about this mod is that the li-on battery is continually charged by the Hydro-generator device attached.

Once again, this is not so much your everyday DIY project yet there’s not need saying it sure is a fun one and something to be really proud of and terribly useful once completed. If you liked this then how about you also  share for others to learn.



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