Awesome! See The 7 Most Amazing Vehicles For Bugging Out When SHTF

Awesome! See The 7 Most Amazing Vehicles For Bugging Out When SHTF


Almost everyone including the child can list at least 5 events that can necessitate a bug out event. But in the event of a bug out itself, it’s other kinds of lists that matter and all are emergency lists. Options of food, medicine, water sources and storage,  tools, implements, protection equipment, means of escape and finally a secure bug out location.

Though very important we may not always be assured of a bug out location or even be certain we can reach or access the location when all hell has broken loose. We, however, would prefer to bug out in a vehicle and that also has a couple of crucial considerations which have to be taken into account because your SUV may be your first choice it may not really be your best and safest. When your bug out location becomes unsafe or unreachable your vehicle must be able to accommodate you and your family for as long the situation might demand.

Whichever decisions we make in this regard, there are two main factors that apply to all (Time and Cost) and when the problem is attacked from the point of view of these angles we’re more likely to end up with the best of decisions.

With this at the back of the mind, we have sourced 7 Amazing Bug Out Vehicles and Ideas that we believe everyone must see irrespective of where they live…


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