Awesome! See The 7 Most Amazing Vehicles For Bugging Out When SHTF

Awesome! See The 7 Most Amazing Vehicles For Bugging Out When SHTF

Family emergency vehicles (FEVs) can be a life-saving asset to the family that owns one. With such a vehicle you have more options and space for a bug out carry and have significantly better chances of escaping and surviving a disaster, even ones that come with the least in the way of warning signs.

It is known that a truck camper can serve the purpose of a bug out vehicle when push comes to shove, however with good planning and adequate expenditure we can be better prepared for the worst with more suitable vehicles.

Like we’ve mentioned previously Time and cost are the two important factors to consider for this. Cost may not be something many of us can easily get around but time is something we have in abundance until disaster strikes and therefore we can prepare until then, hopefully never.

With off-road capabilities being the no. 1 attribute, let’s have a look at The 7 Most Amazing Vehicles For Bugging Out When SHTF, first of all for those who don’t mind the cost:


1. The Traffic Un Jammer

Ok, here’s what you need when all the roads out of the city are clogged. Just line em up and clear you own path.


2. The Rhino

7 Most Amazing Bug Out Vehicles
the Rhino – 7 Most Amazing Bug Out Vehicles (skilledsurvival)

Rhino…what an appropriate name for this massive bug out vehicle. As we all know rhinos are tough SOB’s and not an animal to be messed with.

It lives up to its badass name by combining a Ford 450’s Super Duty frame (which is made using 18 gauge steel). It’s powered by a 362 HP engine due to its 6.8 L V10 Single Overhead Cam design. It’s also got all the extras including 38-inch mud tires 20 by 10″ aluminum alloy wheels, heavy duty calipers and vented disc brakes.

3. The Military Combat Machine

the MCM - 7 Most Amazing Bug Out Vehicles
the MCM – 7 Most Amazing Bug Out Vehicles (skilledsurvival)

How about this combat vehicle for your bug out transportation? It’s definitely in the running for my ultimate armored badass vehicle award.

The amount of protection you’d have is unprecedented, and it can handle even the most extreme terrains. This 8-ton beast can plow through water levels up to 1.5 meters deep thanks to its .7 meters of ground clearance. I suppose the 54-inch tires are responsible for that.

It’s designed with a 6.5-liter Cobra diesel power plant under the hood and can carry 1.5 tons of weight through mud, sand or loose gravel. While its four-speed auto tranny allows it to do all that at up to 75 MPH.

Seats are equipped with straps and harness, and there’s room for up to 8. As far as protection goes, it’s designed to be able to deflect ammunition and even land mines


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