Awesome! See The 7 Most Amazing Vehicles For Bugging Out When SHTF

Awesome! See The 7 Most Amazing Vehicles For Bugging Out When SHTF


Now for many who can’t see themselves yet doling out upwards of 500k to get those expensive survival toys, there’s the option of making do with what you’ve got. After all, there’s no need to spend to acquire a separate vehicle for an emergency (which should be the exception) when you can upgrade a vehicle you probably are already fond off at a fraction of the cost.

For this however there are a number of things to look at first:

  • It should have basic offroad capabilities with clearance and  4×4.
  • Ideally, it has some aftermarket accessories to add extra capabilities and protection to your bug out vehicle.
  • It needs to have a full spare tire, no donuts allowed!
  • You’ll want something with a good amount of storage or the capacity to haul a camper or trailer where you can store stuff.

4. The Dominator Track System

The Dominator Track System can turn just about any ordinary 4 by 4 truck into an off-road terrain taming beast. It’s hard to believe but the company who makes these claims they are easy to install and can be done in less than an hour. They also suggest that they come off as easy as they are installed taking your bug out truck (or all-wheel car!) from a super-powered terrain destroyer back to a daily driver in under an hour.


Next is a practical example of how a Jeep Wrangler is modified into one of the best bug-out vehicles one can have:

5. Modifying A Jeep Into The Ultimate Bug Out Beast



So what’s your take on this one. Will you go in for the high price tag mean machines or you’ll get one of those fairly reachable ones and mod them to your taste and to suit bug out needs?

Source: skilledsurvival

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