Awesome! These 7 Extraordinary DIY Chicken Coops Are Built From Old Cabinets And The Like

Awesome! These 7 Extraordinary DIY Chicken Coops Are Built From Old Cabinets And The Like


Whether you’re a survivalist, living ever ready and more on the side of necessity rather the luxury or you’re a homesteading or off-grid activist who prefers to be independent of state or federal amenities being able to provide your own food is probably among the top 3 of your skill sets.

What are the benefits of raising chicken:

  1. Long-term source of food from the meat of the chicken
  2. A source of fresh eggs,
  3. A source of organic manure from their droppings

All chicken coops have a common functional structure which comprises the feeding area, the resting and brooding areas, and the egg collection point. The following designs show several ways of constructing a chicken coop based on one’s budget, scale and even more interestingly, source of material (credits: prepperology):

1. Cabinet Chicken Coop:

I personally like to call this the one chicken, one drawer coop:

cabinet chicken coop
cabinet chicken coop (

Talk about a creative do-it-yourselfer. This guy converted an old set of kitchen cabinets into a functional chicken coop. There are individual cages where sick or brooding hens can be isolated, and lots of storage space for feed and medications. Note the curtains which will give a broody hen an extra degree of comfort and security. A few of the horizontal partitions were removed from the cabinet, so that collecting eggs is as easy as sliding open a drawer.


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