Awesome! We Can’t Always Have A Sink Outside Or At Camp So We Do This…

Awesome! We Can’t Always Have A Sink Outside Or At Camp So We Do This…


Well, we can’t say cheap and water without it having to do with a 55-gallon bucket. If there’s any one plastic accessory that gets called upon when we need to improvise a solution for a domestic need (often involving safe water) it has got to be this one. It’s so useful in many ways that you always find it in one project or the other.

For this in particular, it’s about convenience and efficiency:

Not everyone has an external kitchen sink and in that same vein not everyone who does not have it is willing to
build or get one installed. Maybe because they do not want any permanent change or it’s not a cost they are
willing to bare at the moment. If you prefer a portable kitchen with a sink there here’s a good option: diy portable 3-in-1 kitchen.

55-gallon bucket portable sink
55-gallon bucket portable sink (instructables)


For now, though, there’s a very simple way to go around this. With a 55-Gallon bucket and a couple other plumbing materials, you can make a very simple temporal and portable sink that can be carried almost anywhere. And the best part you won’t need your hands to operate it…


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