Crucial, See How A 2-Liter Bottle and A Can of Soda Can Save You In One of The Rarest Yet Most Deadly Survival Situations!

Crucial, See How A 2-Liter Bottle and A Can of Soda Can Save You In One of The Rarest Yet Most Deadly Survival Situations!


During a SHTF event, the very air we breathe unfortunately offers itself as a suitable medium for attacks, specifically Nuclear, Biological and Chemical attacks. For such survival situations, gas masks can be very crucial and though these situations do not always arise they are not impossible and protecting yourself and loved ones cannot be a compromise. In fact, in such situations, a little late, can be too late!

Since the First World War, the use of gas masks has grown in prominence and has become a given for defense forces and allies to protect themselves and civilians from the terrible impact of NBC attacks. So in the event of an emergency where a gas mask is needed and none is available or perhaps there’s scarcity it helps to have a little know-how on how to fix one for yourself specifically from materials, the bulk of which are very likely to be found even in an apocalypse-like situation.

These are the materials required to make the impromptu survival gas mask:

[image] diy gas mask
diy gas mask
  1. A 2-Liter Bottle
  2. A Soda can
  3. Activated Charcoal
  4. Duct tape
  5. Rubber bands(thick ones)
  6. Medical tape
  7. Cotton pad

The steps are pretty straightforward and once you can cut firmly and nicely through the plastic then you’re halfway through the project.

Here’s  a video by Black Scout Survival demonstrating how to make a simple and effective gas mask from the items listed above:


Your Plan A should be to purchase a gas mask but now with this knowledge, it should not be an utterly helpless scenario for you when there’s none available. You should also know that gas masks do have a lifespan and are not meant for everyday use. The filters get clogged and the activated carbon does also, making the gas mask is a means to an end and not an end in itself. For those of us who have beards or should I say are heavily invested in facial hair, we’ve got to be extra careful in fixing these apparatuses because the hair can be an obstruction to the safe functioning of the gas mask. They literally can provide loopholes for the entry of the unwanted gases. Think someone you know might need this…well do not miss the opportunity to share 🙂



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