Newbie Or Pro, Woodworker or Handyman…Everyone Should See This!

Newbie Or Pro, Woodworker or Handyman…Everyone Should See This!


When it comes to the practice/habit of making stuff (i.e. handiwork) where would you place yourself? Are you a woodworker, handyman, DIY enthusiast, FIYer or a prepper/survivalist with the knack for learning skills that make you self-dependent? Perhaps like us, your skills and interest are made up of an irregular balance of a number these. Whichever category you place yourself and at whatever level, be it newbie, intermediate or pro, there are a ton of great resources on the internet which can help you follow a path that best fits your interests, experience level, time and resources.

portable mini workbench


Our goal here is to aggregate helpful material for subscribers and today we’ve found a cap that fits all. It’s a very fine DIY project that fits each one of these categories. A portable mini workbench good for both the new and experienced in the field…

This project, because of its size can fit the normal home, a cabin or shed or can be carried on a trip and even the office. The main component for this is a Rolling Tools Cabinet which you can buy new or could get a secondhand unit for a low cost on ebay or craigslist.

mini workbench - (
mini workbench – (


You can always use an extra vise around the shop. A light-duty vise from Lee Valley is an easy, inexpensive addition. The vise just clamps to the edge of the worksurface when you need an extra hand.

The large, wide drawers of a tool cabinet can get cluttered, so I bought Inexpensive bins from Akro-Mils. They fit inside the drawers to easily contain smaller tools and hardware. To keep the bins from sliding around, I cut strips of 14” hardboard to fit inside the drawers and attached them with double-sided tape.

Even the professional woodworker finds this useful because of its portability and also the suitability when having to tackle a project on a small scale, outside the garage.
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