Outrageously Awesome! If Minimalists Ruled The World This Is How It Would Be…

Outrageously Awesome! If Minimalists Ruled The World This Is How It Would Be…


Sometimes less is better and this is simply because less often means less expensive and necessitates a more efficient use of resources and looking at the bigger picture, cheaper mortgages.

For this and other reasons the Tiny House real estate has gained significant momentum over the past two decades. Most people have the impression that the tiny house living means losing out certain advantages but that is not really so. Innovative thinking coupled with technology and craftiness has led to some truly impressive use of compact space to provide almost the same end results to be gotten from the ostentatious use of living space recent generations have become used to.

Of course, there some challenges with Tiny house architecture, some of which are seeking building permits and having fewer possessions. Let’s have a look at our Top 5 Amazing Tiny Homes:

 5 amazing tiny home inspirations
5 amazing tiny home inspirations (countryliving)

This 196-square-foot house near Boise, Idaho, is home to Macy Miller, her partner James, their daughter Hazel, and their Great Dane, Denver. A 27-year-old architect, Macy designed the home from scratch and built it on a 24-foot flatbed with help from friends and family. Clad in siding made of recycled pallet wood, the minimalist home is flooded with light and feels spacious despite its size. Hidden storage under the bed, above the pantry, and behind the fridge are contrasted with open shelving in the kitchen to make the space feel bigger. In total, Macy spent about $11,000 on her tiny house and is now able to live rent- and mortgage-free. —Ellen Sturm Niz


No. 2: The Wind River Bungalow

the wind river bungalow
the wind river bungalow (countryliving)

The 204-square-foot “Wind River Bungalow” is the Chattanooga, Tennessee, home of tiny house enthusiasts Travis and Brittany Pyke, who started Wind River Custom Homes to help others fulfill their dreams of living simply in mini dream homes. Constructed of rain-screen cedar and hardy siding for extreme durability, the bungalow is full of custom features, including a pine and cedar interior, polymer concrete counters, and a loft ladder integrated into the shelving system. —ESN



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