Perfect! With A Vice and A Drill, He Makes Working With A Glue Gun A Lot Less Messier

Perfect! With A Vice and A Drill, He Makes Working With A Glue Gun A Lot Less Messier


No one meddles with the practice of DIY long enough without having to use certain everyday tools such as the hot glue gun. Arguably this tool is synonymous with DIY and sooner or later shows up when anyone’s got to fix (or better put, attempt to fix) stuff. One problem we all have with this tool is that it doesn’t take long before things start getting a little messy. I bet you, no matter how nifty and experienced you may consider yourself to be there’s always a point at which there’s too much glue or there’s glue in the wrong places.

So it is safe to say that this popular DIY and craft tool does have a basic design flaw. Now there’s nothing more serendipitous than having to fix a DIY problem with a bit of DIY; true to the spirit of fidgeting and trying to fix things our own way.

moded hot glue gun
makes working with a glue gun a lot messier (source: instructables)

What we’re going to do is to hack a little precision and workability into the hot glue gun. We’ve got to take off some part off and do a replacement.

Credit to  for putting up a really simple instructable on how to get this done. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A hacksaw
  2. A ball pump needle
  3. A vice
  4. A drill
  5. A file
  6. A screwdriver
  7. Your hot glue gun of course


  1. Play your hot glue gun carefully in the vice and tighten just enough to keep it steady and balanced but not too much so you crush the plastic casing
  2. Saw off half of the nozzle of the glue gun at the point before it tapers
  3. You should find a piece of wire, feel free to rip it out
  4. Still, with the gun in the vice, drill into the aperture to widen it and you should find a small ball you can also take out
  5. Once you’ve increased the aperture to the right size you can file the surface to make it uniform
  6. Now you can screw in your ball pump needle and you’re good to go


image: cutting nozzle with the hacksaw before drilling (instructables)
cutting nozzle with the hacksaw before drilling (Instructables)


diy moded hot glue gun
diy moded hot glue gun (source: Instructables)


IMAGE: diy moded hot glye gun - new needle nozzle (instructables)
diy moded hot glue gun – new needle nozzle (Instructables)


Great work done and going forward your work with the hot glue gun should improve and you should be able to reach places with your tool which were impossible before.

Credits: instructables

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