See How He Makes An Easy Couch Helper With Scrap Materials and A Shred Of Felt

See How He Makes An Easy Couch Helper With Scrap Materials and A Shred Of Felt


What’s your favorite posture on the couch? Certainly it varies depending on what you’re doing. The different ways of utilising a couch are a combination of how lazy we feel at the time and what activity we’re involved in. Whichever posture it is, we always like to have things really close to us. Thankfully couch trays (or sofa trays) make it easy to do these things without soiling or wrecking your sofa. Either providing a safe area to place the usual soda drink or cup of coffee and/or plate of cookies. With that the coffee table now becomes strictly for rest the legs :).

There are quite of lot of these couch trays you can get on Amazon or Etsy but once you’re reading this then you’re
of the clan of earthlings who believe that sometimes doing it yourself is just the way to go!

piece of felt - diy flexible couch tray
piece of felt (manmadediy)

Does this always make sense? No not always but if it’s fun to make and saves a bit of wastage and also gets you burning some physical and mental calories then it’s an undeniable plus and get’s my vote too!

This DIY however is also something we like to call a Do It Now! It’s a very simple make and you should be able to
get it done with ordinary scrap materials and in no time at all…


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