See How To Make Your Own Version Of A Popular Game With Plywood, Lots Of Paint And A Shop Vac!

See How To Make Your Own Version Of A Popular Game With Plywood, Lots Of Paint And A Shop Vac!


There’s one saying passed on from the 1500’s which I like very much and it’s because of its adaptability to the needs of the moment; “The more the merrier,…” obviously meaning the more the people, the more the fun. Now consider the adjoining phrase “…the fewer, the better fare which then has a somewhat contrary meaning; there’ll be more fun yet with fewer people there’ll be much more “fare” (food) to go around 😉 .

When you have an activity of a rarity or some other thing which involves a scarcity of resources we claim “the fewer the merrier”. But if it’s an event that needs sort of a “critical mass” to make the best of it and often have the most fun then we fall on the other side of the coin: The more the merrier!

The latter definitely goes for the number and kind of activities we can and should have in holiday periods. Unlimited fun and activity, for these times, come and go quicker than we desire.


diy air hockey table
diy air hockey table (iliketomakestuff)

I’ve decided to add one more to the lot of games we have at home and I’m definitely going to do it myself; a DIY Air Hockey Table from an old shop vac languishing in the garage.

The cost of one of these table ranges anywhere from $70 to even $800 but with a good tutorial, you should be able to make one of these within budget. Since we don’t want friction to be a part of the game we’ve got to choose and treat or surface properly to ensure just that and so there’s no better a person to Ben of iliketomakestuff to do and show us how…

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