See These 3 Powerless Cookers You Can Make Using Scraps!

See These 3 Powerless Cookers You Can Make Using Scraps!

Most of us cannot imagine cooking without the ever-reliable electric cooker. Problem is the cooker is almost always reliable but not always available. And perhaps it might be available but when a hurricane or some other kind of disaster (natural or man-made) visits unceremoniously electric power or gas will definitely not be an option for cooking.

Of what use is food when it cannot be cooked. Of course, we can feast on wild berries and other kinds of fruits in dire situations but why make anything more difficult than it is. If we’re stored away some food in anticipation of the unusual then we should be able to prepare them, well, with unusual methods.

diy apple box oven
apple box oven

Here are three absolutely powerless cookers you can make using scraps.

1. The Apple Box Oven

The apple box Oven uses about half the charcoal that a Dutch oven uses and gives the same results as baking in a regular oven! A lot of the meals in my food storage need to be baked in an oven, so going without one would be tough! You can bake 3 loaves of bread at the same time in an Apple Box Oven, cook your famous casserole, or make anything else your heart desires. Even if you don’t want to make one right now, you can always gather up the supplies and throw them in an apple box. Then if you’re ever without power, you’ll have something to do!

apple box oven(thesurvivalmom)
apple box oven(thesurvivalmom)

2. The Rocket Stove

This is definitely one of my favorites! If you think living without an oven is hard, try living without a stove! I’m constantly using my stove to ground beef, heat-up food, and cook quesadillas! This may not look too impressive, but it only requires a handful of twigs to cook an entire meal. You won’t have to worry about cutting down a forest just to eat if you have one of these. It’s easy to use and most of all, it gets the job done!

diy rocket stove
diy rocket stove

3. The Wonder Oven

This oven truly is wonderful! It’s like a crock-pot but without a cord attached to the wall. It’s even better too, because while it keeps hot things hot, it also keeps cold things cold! Ice cream will stay frozen inside for over 4 hours, meaning you no longer have to run everyone off the road when coming home from the store!

To cook in it, you’ll first need to boil your food for about 10 minutes and then immediately place your pot inside the wonder oven. It will continue to cook and keep your food warm until you’re ready to eat! I told you it is wonderful!

wonder box oven (iwillprepare)
wonder box oven (iwillprepare)


So as you have seen these three projects all are made from scraps and so cost next to nothing but can be lifesavers. No need to wait for SHTF to try out your hands on this, you can build one or two or maybe all three for camping or other outdoor/backyard activity. This should make you familiar with the process and also instill in you the skill and know-how to build them in any emergency situation.


Credit: thesurvivalmom

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