So Cool, See How To Literally Grab Water Out Of Thin Air Very Easily For Survival!

So Cool, See How To Literally Grab Water Out Of Thin Air Very Easily For Survival!


You know some places have difficulty in getting potable water for use not because the water is not clean but simply because there’s barely any water on the ground at all. In such places rainfall can be truly scarce and even getting water by digging wells could just be a hit or miss venture. However dire this picture may seem it is definitely a scenario anyone could face in case of an SHTF emergency or, though rare, perhaps some sort of a shipwreck.

Well as the saying goes desperate measures are warranted by desperate times! In this case, we mean literally getting or better put harvesting water from thin air. This means trapping the moisture in the air no matter how dry it is to get some life-saving water.


This concept is also known as Fog Harvesting and is actually a mimicry of how plants in some of the driest places in the earth literally grab water out of the air. This water is taken from Fog that floats in from nearby oceans.

Here’s an excerpt explaining how this works:

Fog-harvesting systems generally consist of a vertical mesh, sort of like an oversized tennis net. Key to efficient harvesting of the tiny airborne droplets of fog are three basic parameters, the researchers found: the size of the filaments in those nets, the size of the holes between those filaments, and the coating applied to the filaments.

Most existing systems turn out to be far from optimal, Park says. Made of woven polyolefin mesh — a kind of plastic that is easily available and inexpensive — they tend to have filaments and holes that are much too large. As a result, they may extract only about 2 percent of the water available in a mild fog condition, whereas the new research shows that a finer mesh could extract 10 percent or more, Park says. Multiple nets deployed one behind another could then extract even more, if so desired.

Image Credit: MIT
how to literally grab water out of thin air (credits: MIT)


Below is Time-lapse video of how water is harvested from Fog with the mesh system:



Pretty cool right? And this process of literally grabbing water out of thin air for survival is nowhere near rocket science. It is -as you can see- very practical especially since capturing as little as 4% of water contained in fog is sufficient for water needs of an area. This is because there are about 140,000,000,000,000,000 liters of water in the atmosphere! You counted right, that’s 14,000 Trillion liters of water available for harvesting!


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