Tired of Constantly Changing Trailer Lights…Here’s A Cool Solution!

Tired of Constantly Changing Trailer Lights…Here’s A Cool Solution!


There are definitely more than a handful of reasons to dole out cash for a Utility Trailer, as the name suggests these things come in very handy every now and then. They lend themselves to a plethora of uses once acquired, from towing automobiles, boats, lawn care equipment, furniture, bikes and ATVs, livestock and even trash!

Problem is most the of ones we purchase come with basic features and functionality just to keep the upfront cost down for consumers and to stay clear of violating some state regulations. But this brings about a lot of limitations and can make the utility trailer not so user-friendly.


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utility trailer light (familyhandyman)


The folks at familyhandyman.com interviewed about 30 trailer owners to fish out their most common frustrations. They came out with a list of upgrades most trailer owners reckoned to be very needful and based on that they developed an elaborate DIY guide on how to implement them. Of course the first of the upgrades has got to do with the trailer lights. The ones that come with the trailers often have incandescent bulbs which die out very frequently and also do not do well with the rigorous work nature of these trailers have to do. They are dragged through puddles of water, soaked with road salt and bounced around and so they have components corroding and soon they begin to malfunction.

The proposed solution is Sealed LED Trailer Lights:

This pair of submersible LED trailer lights, which come with a wiring harness and a license plate bracket, fit right into the existing mounting holes. Before you remove your old lights, write down the wiring scheme. Then swap in the new lights and follow our wiring photos for making watertight connections.

insert image: utility trailer light - LED upgrade
utility trailer light – LED upgrade (familyhandyman)

Wiring the lights
When you install your new lights, don’t use the cheap crimp connectors to splice the wires. The crimp connectors will cause you plenty of aggravation when they start corroding a few years from now. Do the job right the first time—solder all electrical connections and seal each one with a piece of small-diameter heat-shrinkable tubing. Then seal the bundle of wires with a section of larger-diameter shrinkable tubing. Coat the ends of the larger tubes with liquid electrical tape to complete the watertight seal. Heat-shrinkable tubing assortments and liquid electrical tape are available at most auto parts stores.

The utility trailer is a truly versatile piece of equipment to have in the home and day in day out it’s being put to a different use. You would like yours to last as long as it can and be a source of utility rather than constant frustration. This is just one of eleven other very useful upgrades you could undertake on your utility trailer and you can find all in the link below.

Source: familyhandyman

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