[VIDEO] Awesome A Water Pump That Needs No Electricity or fuel!

[VIDEO] Awesome A Water Pump That Needs No Electricity or fuel!


If you’ve just started your homesteading journey or still in the planning phase you definitely have come across the critical consideration of finding greener pastures. One key determinant of ‘good pasture’ is the proximity to a water source. This primarily is a function of location and so must be well thought through. Today we’re going to look at how to get your source of water such as a spring providing your homestead with a constant supply of water. True to the spirit of homesteading we have to be able to achieve this with off-grid solutions. This kind of water pump takes advantage of the drop provided by a water source and boosts it tremendously by a factor of 10-30x.

[image] water pump without electricity or fuel
water pump without electricity or fuel
If you never really understood how these things work then is one of the best and yet simplest explanations and demonstrations of the RAM Pump. Johuaburks really does a good job with his DIY video. Have a look at it below:


There are several other custom applications for the Water Ram and we’ll be highlighting these in future posts. Have you tried this or a similar project before? Do share your experience with us via the comment box or our facebook page.


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