[VIDEO] How Awesome! Two Cuts Of PVC For As Many Fish As Possible Cheap And Easy!

[VIDEO] How Awesome! Two Cuts Of PVC For As Many Fish As Possible Cheap And Easy!


Let’s go fishing shall we…

Fishing occupies its own place among the top human sustenace methods that have fed generations upon generations till date. It’s only rivaled by agriculture (arable or backyard) and hunting. It’s therefore a skill that’s readily passed on from each generation to the next not strictly as a means of provender but also as a hobby and a fun outdoor activity.

There’re many ways to catch fish (way more than the number of ways to kill the cat) but they mostly all fall under
two main methods; bait them or trap them or a combination of the two.

diy pvc fishing light-kip kay


The use of a fish attractor or fishing light is a techinique that significantly boosts the output in a combination of the bait and trap method. It makes the pratice easy in it’s own way and therefore is popular among artisanal farmers and recreationist.

Even if you do not fancy your self to be under any of the two categories it’s worth knowing the know how beacuse it’s a project that has a number of other good uses it can be put to outside the fishing sphere…


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