When This Family Wanted More Sun Time, This Simple DIY Was The Perfect Solution

When This Family Wanted More Sun Time, This Simple DIY Was The Perfect Solution


Whether for relaxation reading or taking a nap, a hammock is a pretty useful outdoor item that can make you enjoy your outdoor time and not having a place to hang shouldn’t be a limitation. The goal here is to be able to make a good hammock stand right at home. A stand that of course is solid, safe and essentially at a very low cost compared to what would have to be spent on purchasing one.

Here’s the material and tool list for getting this simple family project done:

Eight 8′ 2×4 boards
Four 1/2″ diameter, 12″ long bolts
Six 1/2″ diameter, 8″ long bolts
Ten 1/2″ nuts
Ten 1/2″ washers
Measuring tape
Circular saw or chop saw
Drill and 1/2″ paddle bit
Deck screws
Lay two 8′ boards parallel to each other. With your paddle bit, drill a hole 6″ inches from each end.
The entire project success hinges on the joint of the stand. To get things right we first have to secure the angles for the stand:
This is how it should look after both sides are done.  Lay out your hammock to determine what the angle of the boards need to be to fit your hammock
diy hammock stand
diy hammock stand (herecomesthesunblog)
Once you get the angle you need, cut another 8′ board in half to make a brace at each end. Use 2 spacers for each brace and secure with 12″ bolts through the spacer and an 8″ bolt on the “arm”. The picture below also shows the leg attached, which is detailed in the next step.
diy hammock stand
diy hammock stand (herecomesthesunblog)
Now that we’re done with the bulk of the work, all that’s left to do is to position your stand at your favorite and/or most suitable location and fix your hammock:
diy hammock stand-done
diy hammock stand-done (herecomesthesunblog)

Just as a reminder, a level ground is important to ensure there’s no inclination in the center of gravity so no one gets injured using the hammock. If you like this then do not forget to share.

Credits: herecomesthesunblog


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